I’m low key in a casual/semi-serious relationship. I’m the captain of the ship and she’s the assistant who stands by me and helps keep everything together as I steer us towards the right direction. I consult with my assistant before we make any kind of turns or a 180. I’m constantly on watch with where our ship is headed and I will address any current and future problems with her. Some have said I’m a feminist (even though I dislike the new wave), but if anything, I’d call me an equalist because my woman has no pedestal and I also call her out on her bullshit if necessary.
If I’m no longer fit to be the captain of this (relation)ship then I’ll leave, the same applies for her being my right hand (wo)man.

So if a man is unappreciative or sexist, just leave him. But don’t let him be the reason why you no longer let men aboard to your life.

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I’m Mark Jeffrey O,

I’m the average introvert and that is just my first form because sometimes when I feel down I can transform into a what you call a super introvert, and my final form would be called super introvert 2. I am what you hear about from all 4 corners of this spherical planet; The Legendary Super Introvert. I also bite.

I enjoy looking into the inner workings of the human mind by reading the shit out of people, all forms of art, and I choose apple juice. I’ve been an artist since I was 3. I started drawing with Mario Paint but my passion was buried alive by the curriculum, which I had slowly dug out 7 years later. I’ve been writing poetry that I still keep to myself. So I draw, write, and I make the shittiest beats. I keep my metal/screamo playlist inside a closet. I’ve been a Christian for 4 years, and I like science and aliens.

I don’t need formal education, but I’m willing to spend a couple thousand to cover more space on my resume. In high school I wanted to pursue Concept Art/Illustration and that is what I’m currently working towards (I am, for some reason, deathly afraid of doing so), but I would be really happy if I could also learn to maximize my writing ability without drowning myself into debt.

I don’t belong anywhere near a world that constantly feeds each other to lions for entertainment. I have a hole in my heart that I seem to fail in fulfilling. Nothing ever makes me feel whole. 
This is hardly an introduction. 
I’ve died a long time ago.

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i’m off the grid for a bit

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There’s just so much noise in my head and I can’t seem to silence it.

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i have good news and bad news

So with the bad news, I’ve been creating a routine schedule for myself which included things like read, read again, work out, eat 6 times a day, and other things, but I have failed to meet my own expectations on the first day…. On the other hand, the good news is that I was complimented as the “asian james deen” (not by looks) so I have that going for me :3

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One thing is that I’ll lose interest if you only text 2 to 4 times a week and can’t even keep up with a conversation. Second thing is that I’m an understandable guy and I can tolerate almost about anything. Just don’t get it confuse when I try and you don’t. 

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